S      I      L      V      E      R

The gallery is the permanent home for the collection of silversmith Jan van Nouhuys. The work of various guest silversmiths is on display during specific periods, and taken along to the art fairs Studio 925 is taking part in.

In the 1990's Studio 925 was at the heart of initiatives to search for new ways of expression in silver. In 2004 the gallery started in a new building of striking architecture, designed by Gerard Rijnsdorp. From that time onwards Studio 925 has organised a number of national and international solo- or groupexhibitions.

Now, in 2016, a new step has been taken. A small but charming exhibition space has been created underneath Jan van Nouhuys's workshop at Weergang 1, Schoonhoven.

You are always welcome, but please give us a call in advance! 06 - 15022766.